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Greek wine history.

A smartly dressed woman sitting cross-legged with a glass of pink Aphrodise in her hand.
Grapes hanging on the vine

A Renaissance.

While “rosés” profile was once again raised by Portuguese winemakers following the end of WWII, it took until the 1970s for Greece’s winemaking to take off once again. Investment was made into the Greek vineyards that had been neglected in the first half of the 20th Century, and indigenous grape varieties were revived.

A woman's arm pouring pink Aphrodise champagne from a bottle into a glass that is placed on a concrete block with palms leaves in the background

A Crisp, Contemporary Drink.

Today, Greek vineyards are the cornerstones of a thriving industry thanks to north-facing slopes and higher altitudes, giving the wines they produce a fresh, well-balanced flavour; and the growing demand for them is testament to their quality. We consider it a privilege to experience the ancient grapes of Greece prepared with the modern methods that help bring out the best in them.

An image of the statue of Aphrodite.
Grapes being harvested to create Aphrodise