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Greek Wine History

When we take a journey back to the origins of rosé wine, we find ourselves in Ancient Greece, and to the times of Christ which means that the Greek connection to winemaking has roots that stretch back thousands of years. It was first produced by households and small communities, due to a tendency in that era to combine both red and white grapes.


How is Sparkling Wine Made?

Sparkling wines are largely associated with celebrations, though we’d argue that no such excuse is needed to simply enjoy the magic of a well-made bubbly, produced from noble grapes from regions rich in viticultural history. But how is this luxury drink made?

Two friends enjoying a glass of Aphrodise

What Makes a Great Bubbly for the Poolside?

We’ve made no secret of the fact that Aphrodise is best enjoyed in the sunshine; the cold, crisp summer flavors lend themselves perfectly to being enjoyed at leisure on a bright, warm day...


Vineyards in Greece: The Most Famous Regions for Winemakers

Greek history is more intertwined with viticulture than you may originally realize; even if you’re already familiar with the beautiful wines that the Xinomavro grape from northern Greece can produce, like our own sparkling rosé Aphrodise.


Who is the Greek God of wine?

With Greece’s wine history rich and extensive, it seems only right that we explore the link between this and another strand of Greece’s heritage, and one that’s undoubtedly more famous: ancient Greek religion, and the mythology surrounding Greek gods and goddesses.