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About the Founders.

Frank Schilling & Gabi Petrylaite / Founders

"A Lifetime of Tasting and ‘Making Taste’ Has Brought Us to This Point."

Frank Schilling & Gabi Petrylaite / Founders

Discovered by fate.

Aphrodise is the product of a relentless search for perfection. Great products cannot be found, they find you, and are galvanized through hard work and conviction. Frank Schilling and Gabi Petrylaite have been lucky to enjoy the tastes and flavors of every continent on Earth. Their renaissance-like experiences have culminated in the creation of Greece’s answer to Champagne.


Creative pioneers.

Frank Schilling is a renaissance man. An artist, a musician, a highly successful repeat entrepreneur, and a thought leader who loves people and life. After a career imagining, building and selling great businesses, Frank decided to take a walk on the sunny side of the street, making leisure time sweeter for others. Aphrodise is the North Star that he has been following for the last decade.

Gabi Petrylaite is an accomplished digital marketing agency founder and International Brain Education Olympiad medalist and ambassador. After tasting early prototypes of Aphrodise, she immediately understood the joy she and Frank could bring to the World by opening people’s eyes to the magic of Aphrodise.

Frank and Gabi signatures

Two women with wine glasses in the pool
Aphrodise in a wine glass with grapes
An image of the statue of Aphrodite.

History and Heritage.

We invite you on a journey back to Ancient Greece, and a connection to the creation of wine itself. Few other countries can lay claim to the beginnings of a libation enjoyed worldwide.

Woman sipping Aphrodise in the swimming pool, alongside a bottle of Aphrodise.

Drink youth.