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Vineyards in Greece: The Most Famous Regions for Winemakers.


Greek history is more intertwined with viticulture than you may originally realize; even if you’re already familiar with the beautiful wines that the Xinomavro grape from northern Greece can produce, like our own sparkling rosé Aphrodise.

Wine has roots that stretch as far back as ancient Greece, and thanks to such varying climates found in different parts of the country, it's still a place where a wide range of grapes are grown, and wines are produced.
In terms of wine making, Greece can be split into four main regions, and in this article, we’ll be talking you through the terroir of each one, as well as the grapes and the wines that these areas produce.

Waves in blue clear water

This part of Greece is home to Epirus, Macedonia, and Thrace, with a mild, wet climate that has echoes of the Mediterranean as well as cold winters, and occasional high winds up in the mountainous regions. In Zitsa in Epirus, the cooler climate lends itself to the white grape Debina, which is capable of producing a light, delicate and floral wine.

In Macedonia, you’ll find our much-loved Xinomavro grape, which grows in the Naoussa and Amyndeo regions. Limestone-rich clay soils in these regions are where the Xinomavro vineyards thrive, and it gives the wine they produce a certain bold fruitiness.

Other vineyards found across northern Greek produce grapes such as Malagousia, Assyrtiko, and Roditis, varieties that produce some stunning white wines.

Grapes being harvested to create Aphrodise

There is one liquid that the island is known for though, and that’s wines produced using the Assyrtiko grape; those produced on Santorini are often fruity, citrusy, and flinty, with Nykteri varieties having been oaked to some degree too.

The ancient, aromatic Muscat Blanc wine originates from none other than Samos in the Aegean sea, with bottles ranging from sweet to dry but always featuring that famous Muscat perfume.

It’s not all white wines though; the island of Límnos is home to a grape named Limnio, from which an exquisite red wine is produced. In fact, it’s said to date back to Aristotle’s time, which ties in with the ancient Greek roots that we mentioned earlier.


Discover the taste of northern Greece

We’ve gone to great lengths to find the very best Xinomavro grapes, and we believe we’ve succeeded by working with specially selected family vineyards in Northwestern Greece. These ensure that every cuvée of Aphrodise has that crisp taste of carefree luxury that it has become famous for, which demands to be enjoyed in the sunshine, wherever you are in the world.
To truly understand what the terroir of northern Greece is capable of, order your bottles of Aphrodise today.