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Why Sparkling Rose is Perfect for Summer Days

A top down shot of three women in swimwear enjoying Aphrodise on a yacht with the blue ocean in the background.
A hot, sunny day around the pool, on the beach, on the boat, or at your outdoor dining table just cannot be beaten;

There’s nowhere to be, and nothing to do but sit back, relax, and enjoy something cold and refreshing. This is the allure of sparkling rosé; a light, fresh drink that accompanies the midday sun as well as it does a balmy evening. But just why is sparkling rosé so perfect for warmer temperatures? 

Two glasses of Aphrodise next to the bottle, on a sandy beach

The refreshment it provides

Sparkling rosé provides unrivaled refreshment when the temperature rises, thanks to a few of its defining characteristics. The first, is that rosés tend to be lighter, fruitier wines; think stone fruits, strawberries, and fresh florals. Then there are the bubbles, of course, that lend themselves to feeling refreshed; it’s why we reach for sparkling water on a hot day.

Rosé is also best served chilled – around 7-13°C/45–55°F, making it ideal to enjoy when the heat of the day starts to ramp up.

Women drinking Aphrodise, sat on the edge of a pool

The pairing possibilities

Sparkling rosé is simply so versatile when it comes to the way it pairs with food, which includes the kinds of bites to eat we enjoy in warmer weather. Rosés are frequently enjoyed with the following:

Soft cheese
Fruit desserts

In a similar vein, sparkling rosés are particularly picnic and BBQ friendly, suiting those outdoor gatherings that we tend to enjoy when the sun shines.

group of women cheersing glasses of wine

The psychological and social factors

We also can’t discount the appeal that rosé has visually; it looks simply stunning served in a delicate glass, and looks fantastic alongside your summer outfit. It’s also often associated with celebrations and social gatherings, making it a popular choice for summer events.

Aphrodise in a wine glass

Lower alcohol content

Nobody really wants a super heavy wine during the day; many rosés’ sit on the lower end of the alcohol content scale for wine, making it a much lighter choice for daytime drinking.

Woman sipping Aphrodise in the swimming pool, alongside a bottle of Aphrodise.

Choose Aphrodise for your drink of the summer 

When it comes to summer, Aphrodise provides the season that never ends; light, fruity, and ideal for enjoying in the sunshine, our sparkling rosé creates the atmosphere of celebration, no matter what day it is.

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